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The results of survey on OSHA recordkeeping rule updates

| Aug 15, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

The results of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Recordkeeping Standard and Electronic Submission Survey have been released. The survey, which had 400 respondents, reveals how companies in Connecticut and the rest of the United States are managing in expectation of the 1904 recordkeeping rule updates from OSHA. It also details which solutions will be able to provide the companies with assistance for electronic submission.

There are a number of findings from the survey that should be noted. Seventy percent of the respondents agree in some manner with OSHA’s assertion that allowing the public to know about workplace illnesses and injuries will prompt employers to work on workplace safety. Forty-seven percent of those who took part in the survey intend to use the data on workplace injuries and illnesses obtained by OSHA to establish their own workplace safety standards.

Technology is considered by 35 percent of the survey participants to have a significant effect on ensuring that business operations adhere to safety and health standards. The participants also believe that technology will aid businesses with their reporting, analyzing and recordkeeping duties.

Fifty-three percent of the respondents have either already taken action to implement changes to their company’s safety model in response to the rule updates or have plans to do so. Having internet-based forms that are available on the company’s network is viewed by 59 percent of the participants to be a reasonable method for reporting sicknesses and injuries that are related to work. Thirty-five percent of respondents believe that reporting job-related illnesses and injuries on mobile devices is another sensible idea.

People who are injured or get sick while performing their job duties may be entitled to workers’ compensation. A personal injury attorney may assist with filing initial claims and appealing denied claims for compensation for occupational diseases or chemical exposure.