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A list of injuries that can occur in truck accidents

| Jun 7, 2018 | Truck Accidents

Connecticut residents and others who are involved in truck accidents could sustain a variety of injuries. For instance, broken bones are not uncommon when the body makes impact with a windshield, steering wheel or other object inside of the vehicle. Arm, leg and hip bones are among the most likely to fracture in a truck accident. Spinal injuries are also common occurrences among those who are injured in accidents involving large trucks.

Spinal cord injuries could result in a person being temporarily or permanently paralyzed. Seeking treatment as soon as possible after a crash may help minimize the long-term impact of such an injury. Head injuries could also impact an individual throughout his or her life. In addition to skull fractures, a person might experience changes in mood and personality. Symptoms of a concussion may take days to appear, and they could last for days, weeks or even longer.

It is also possible that a person experiences post-traumatic stress disorder after being involved in a significant accident. Individuals might have nightmares or flashbacks to the incident while awake. They may also have a heightened level of anxiety getting into a vehicle or when driving past the scene of the accident. These symptoms could have an impact on how a person lives his or her life.

Those who are injured in an accident could spend months or years recovering from emotional or physical pain. If the accident was caused by truck driver fatigue or other forms of negligence, injured victims may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. An attorney may review a case to determine the best way to obtain money to pay for medical bills or replace damaged property. Lost might may also be included in a financial award.