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Preventing distracted driving accidents using technology

| Jul 30, 2018 | Truck Accidents

In the state of Connecticut and elsewhere in the United States, distracted driving is a serious problem that can lead to injuries or fatalities if a crash occurs. This particular problem can be difficult to combat as vehicle technology and smartphones make it very easy to become distracted. However, there are tools that can be used to combat distracted driving in fleet vehicles.

Drivers of fleet vehicles are often at risk for distracted driving due to the amount of time they spend on the road. While driving, which can often be a boring activity, a person’s mind could wander to issues going on at home or at work. However, tools can be designed to detect when a driver is not paying attention to the road. One tool from Omnitracs, for example, looks for situations in which a driver’s risk of getting into a severe accident may be higher. Potential risk factors may include non-typical starting times, not having enough rest and driving during high-traffic times.

Omnitracs identified more than 1,000 variables that could determine if a driver’s risk of becoming involved in a serious accident is increased. As a result, the company is able to help prevent future crashes based on individual driver risks.

Truck drivers are particularly at risk for distracted driving due to the amount of time they spend on the road. Because trucks are extremely heavy, these vehicles can cause large amounts of damage to passenger vehicles if an accident occurs. Those who are injured in truck accidents that were caused by distracted drivers may be eligible to file a personal injury claim against the driver and the company that hired the driver. A personal injury attorney may assist with filing the initial claim and gathering evidence to prove that the driver was liable for causing the accident.

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