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Cumulative trauma injuries can greatly alter your life

| Sep 7, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Going into work should be a safe activity for you. There isn’t any reason why workers should have to worry about hazards harming them in the workplace. When there are dangers caused by the work duties, the employers should have proper safety protocol in place to help reduce the risk of workers being injured. Unfortunately, there are still far too many incidents that occur in the workplace that harm workers.

One of the risks that many employees face is the cumulative trauma injury. This is something that happens over time, so you won’t notice definitive signs that something is amiss right away. Instead, you might think that you are just having some soreness and aches due to the normal working conditions. We know this doesn’t make it any easier to deal with but you should be watchful so you can address these matters early.

The type of cumulative trauma injury you suffer depends largely on what job duties you have. Teachers are at risk of lower back injuries but cashiers are at an increased risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. We know that you try to work as safely as possible and might even feel bad that you are injured.

In severe cases, you might need to take time off work to allow your body time to heal. You may be referred to physical therapy and might need to take medications. We understand that these can have a negative impact on your life. When you think about the way that the on-the-job injuries affect you and how much the medical care you need costs, you might decide to file for workers’ compensation. We can help you get this done.

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