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If you’re injured while you’re at work, you can file a claim

| Feb 20, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Can you imagine what it would be like to be working on your job and suddenly be caught in a machine? Can you think of how life-changing experiences like being sprayed with dangerous chemicals or caught in an explosion would be?

These are all things that can happen to people while they are at work. While accidents can usually be prevented on the job, the truth is that they’re probably going to happen. In those cases, it’s very important that those who are affected are able to seek support through Connecticut’s workers’ compensation program.

Can you always seek workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a wonderful benefits system because it allows you to seek medical care at no cost to yourself. It also replaces a portion of your lost wages and makes it easier for you to seek vocational rehabilitation if and when you’re ready to do so.

Workers’ compensation claims are relatively easy to submit as well, but there is a catch. Your injury has to be linked to the workplace, and your employer has the ability to argue your claim. If you cause your own injuries accidentally, they should still pay, but if you intentionally harm yourself on the job, workers’ compensation likely won’t pay out.

The system usually works, but some workers may find that they’re denied the compensation that they should be entitled to. If that happens to you, it’s important that you appeal the decision and work toward a resolution, so you can get the coverage that you need. Our website has more on workers’ compensation and your rights as an employee.

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