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Financial issues and increased togetherness can cause divorce

| Apr 15, 2020 | Divorce

With stay-at-home orders continuing, more couples will find their marriages coming to a crossroads. Many partnerships risk disintegrating due to complications caused by the current crisis. Some marriages may crumble because of financial changes. Others, though, may suffer because spouses cannot live with each other during self-quarantine.

Self-quarantine may make you realize that your marriage must end. So long as you keep these facts in mind, you can understand that it’s okay to divorce during these times.

Money matters in marriage

If your marriage experienced strain before the crisis, financial pressures might topple it. Money issues are one of the leading causes of divorce, and 35% of splits stem from financial difficulties or differences.

You may be struggling to make ends meet suddenly. Or you might be adjusting to a lifestyle that you’re unaccustomed to living. In either case, resentment and fights may arise between you and your spouse. And so long as you have the means to pursue divorce now, it may be worthwhile before further financial challenges arise.

Togetherness tears couples apart

Some couples are great teams and can work at home together without a problem. But others may spend most of their lives outside the house. You and your spouse may only have spent mornings and evenings together before self-quarantine. An increase in togetherness could cause new problems.

While some of these issues may be minor and resolvable, others could jeopardize your marriage. Life-changing events cause more divorces and wanting space is natural. But if you’re fantasizing about life without your spouse while spending more time with them than ever, it may be time to head for the exit.