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Proceeding with divorce when the courts are closed

| May 6, 2020 | Divorce

There are times where a national or local emergency can cause the courts to shut down for a time. If you are filing for divorce, this may be less than ideal. 

When you are in this situation, you may wonder what actions you can take to keep your divorce moving forward, even though the courts may not be open. 

Fill out the paperwork that you can

Although the courts may not be open, there are several steps you can take to keep things moving forward. Paperwork is a big part of finalizing a divorce, and you can use this time to fill out all the paperwork on your end. When the courts open back up, you will have everything ready to go. According to the Connecticut Do It Yourself Divorce Guide, there are several forms to fill out to begin a divorce.  These forms are available at 

Contact the courts to see what services they are offering

Even if the courts are not open to the public, they may still be accepting paperwork for filing. It is a good idea to contact the court in your area and see what limitations are in place. In many cases, you and your spouse may not even need to go to court at all to get your divorce finalized.

As seen on the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch website, if you and your spouse meet certain circumstances, you will not need to see a judge. If you can download the form from their website and the courts are still able to file the paperwork, you may be able to finalize your divorce more quickly than you think, even if the courts are not open.