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Injured motorcyclists may opt to seek compensation

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Personal Injury

Motorists need to watch out for motorcycles, even when they don’t think there will be any on the road. One of the issues that happens in many cases is that drivers will claim they didn’t see the motorcyclist. This is especially true around intersections where bushes and other hazards might impair the driver’s ability to see the small profile vehicles. We know that crashes can lead to some very serious injuries since the motorcyclist doesn’t have the protection that an occupant of a car has.

When motorcyclists have the right of way, other drivers might not respect that. This is a factor in two-thirds of the crashes that involve a motorcycle and another vehicle. There isn’t any good reason for this since all nonemergency vehicles on the road have to follow traffic laws.

No biker should have to deal with injuries because of someone else’s negligence. Since they will likely need to get medical care, the cost of the accident can soar. Add in other damages and you might have to take a big financial hit. You shouldn’t have to be the person who deals with this impact.

You have the option of seeking compensation for the crash. We can help you get your case together and determine who to name as the defendants. Another thing we need to figure out is how much you should seek in damages. There are different categories to look into. These include medical care costs, lost wages and similar points. Remember, we need to add up what we know you’ve spent and what you are likely to spend in the future for the accident.

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