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Answers to important child support questions

As a singular event, divorce itself paints a tale of diversity. When you add the determination of child support and dealing with its aftermath, the stress can be two-fold.

In some cases, child support payments come as regular as a daily cup of coffee, but most often, issues surround child support payments. 

What does a Qualified Domestic Relatoons Order do?

A QDRO is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order. If you're getting divorced, this could be a very important document. It could even open up doors to significant assets that many people overlook in divorce.

Essentially, a QDRO divides retirement assets. They get overlooked because the other spouse may not even be getting the payments yet, so people often do not realize they have a right to them.

Hurt at work? Get workers' compensation

In Connecticut, it's the job of the State of Connecticut Workers' Compensation Commission to provide information about workers' compensation to people in the state.

When you're hurt on the job, the Workers' Compensation Act allows you to seek out medical treatment. You are also able to seek wage-replacement benefits and can seek other kinds of benefits if you cannot return to work or need assistance in doing so.

Get support with a claim if you have an asbestos-related illness

Mesothelioma can take away your ability to live comfortably. It causes trouble breathing, and you may find out about it so late that you have little you can do to slow it or prevent further damage.

Many times, those who are diagnosed with mesothelioma are in the final stages of the disease, so all that can be done is to help keep them comfortable.

Child-Centered Divorce Month: Protecting children during divorce

Did you know that January is national Child-Centered Divorce Month? This month is dedicated to helping people find services and resources to help their children through divorce.

Part of the reason to have this month recognize children of divorce is because January sees such a large increase in divorce filings. The month's national recognition attempts to alert parents to the significant effects that divorce can have on children. With the resources and support offered, parents can learn how to help prevent psychological and emotional trauma that could affect their children long after the divorce has ended.

Proposed changes to Social Security could hurt Americans

If you are considering applying for Social Security Disability (SSD), you may have seen the news that the presidential administration has proposed a benefits policy that could limit benefits and end them for thousands of people around America.

As you may know, the process of getting Social Security benefits is already difficult, and it can take months or years to get the approval you need, even with good help. New rule changes could make the process even more difficult.

What happens when you suffer from chemical burns?

Chemical burns are a real problem in some workplaces. Whether you're working in a chemistry lab or teach at a local university, you could be exposed to chemicals that could leave your skin burned and damaged.

Chemical burns can be caused by some common chemicals found in schools, homes and workplaces. For example, common products that sometimes cause chemical burns include:

  • Ammonia
  • Denture cleaners
  • Chlorine
  • Bleach
  • Battery acid

Connecticut files suit over illegal asbestos transfer station

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral. Natural doesn't always mean safe, though. This mineral has been linked to several kinds of illnesses including mesothelioma, asbestosis and others. If it's on a property illegally, it must be cleaned up for the safety of those around it.

Here's an interesting story about Connecticut filing a lawsuit over an illegal asbestos site. The attorney general filed a motion of contempt against a man in Madison because he claimed that the man had an illegal asbestos transfer station held at his property.

Do you know the true purpose of alimony?

Alimony is an important protection for some divorcees. If you are divorcing, it might be something you're looking into seeking, too. Do you know how it's determined? Do you have any idea about how much you need?

Here's a little more about alimony, so you can understand what to expect.

4 ways an attorney can help after a serious accident and injury

A serious car accident can turn your life upside-down. One minute you're a healthy, independent adult with a successful career. The next, an injury knocks you off your feet and leaves you unable to work or even function as normal.

In times like these, it may seem arduous and overwhelming to hold the reckless driver who caused you this pain accountable. You've got more pressing health, job and family concerns to attend to. Adding a lawsuit to the mix may feel like too much for you to handle.

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