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Learn 3 tricks for safer cold weather driving in Connecticut

One of the best things about living in Connecticut is the change of the seasons. People in much of the country don't get to experience all four distinct seasons like residents of Connecticut do. However, the constantly changing climate across the state creates unique road hazards for drivers and commuters that can increase your risk of a crash.

Summer brings issues related to the way glare hits a car and impaired driving as people leave barbecues and parties. The cooler fall and winter seasons have their own unique hazards. Thankfully, there are three safety tips that can substantially reduce your risk of an accident during the fall and winter months.

How do you know it's time to return to work after a burn injury?

Burn injuries are serious. They can lead to infections, deformities and other chronic issues with your body. Severe burns range from the most painful to those that leave you without the nerve endings you need to recognize pain.

When you're at work and exposed to fire, hot items or chemicals that could cause burns, you must take steps to stay safe. Those steps could be anything from wearing appropriate personal protective gear to staying a distance away from hot objects.

Man arrested after accusations of fleeing scene of fatal crash

Tragedy can strike at any time, and a person's actions can cause a loss of life. One horrible situation is a hit-and-run accident. In those cases, a driver hits a person or vehicle and then flees, leaving those who may be hurt or dying without any assistance.

That happened in this case out of Uxbridge, Connecticut. According to the court prosecutor, the 39-year-old man who is a suspect in the case took steps to have his vehicle repaired instead of coming forward with information about the case.

What can you ask to see if you qualify for disability benefits?

One of the most difficult things about the government's Social Security Disability insurance (SSDI) program is that it's hard to know if you'll qualify for benefits. Even if you believe that you fall under the correct categories to be considered disabled, you may have received a denial letter or be unsure if you've prepared everything correctly for the Social Security Administration (SSA).

There are some ways that you can be surer of yourself when you're applying for SSDI. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to see if you would qualify in the eyes of the SSA. For example:

Divorcing with kids? Talk things through ahead of time

When you're divorcing with children, it's a smart choice to start talking to your kids about what to expect early on. From toddlers to teens, every child deserves a chance to understand what's happening in their lives.

Some parents believe that shielding their children from the divorce is the same as hiding the divorce from them, so they may hide what they and their spouse are going through until it's time to move into a new home. That's not usually the best method for kids.

You can make a workers' compensation claim if you're hurt at work

No one plans to get hurt when they're at work, especially when the job isn't particularly dangerous. What you never expected was to be struck by another worker in your office as they backed up out of their space. As they hit you, you were knocked off balance and ended up hitting your head on a sharp edge.

It was just an unfortunate fall, but in the end, you had to struggle with the reality that you'd injured your eye and had a head injury to match. Your employer had to call 911 for you, and you were rushed away from the scene to get stitches and care for your eye.

Summer weather hazards create threats in New London

There are many times when people may suffer personal injuries. One is in a car crash. Car crashes are among the most common causes of injury in the United States, and they're even more likely to occur in an area that is experiencing severe weather.

Take for example the series of storms that passed through New London on July 22. The severe weather resulted in power outages and severe thunderstorms that put drivers in a bind. With heavy rains and winds that were up to 35 mph, it's no wonder that there were collisions and trouble on the Interstate 95 corridor. Additionally, flash flooding added to the threats on the road.

How to teach teens about distracted driving

Each year, more and more motorists are dying in accidents caused by distracted driving. Teenagers may be whizzes at texting and using their phone for anything and everything, but they are even more at risk of causing a distracted driving accident. In fact, distracted driving causes 58% of teen accidents.

What do you do if your Social Security claim is denied?

Social Security Disability (SSD) is a safety net for those who are disabled on the job or from birth. It can help those who are injured badly and unable to return to work due to a personal injury, too.

Social Security Disability benefits are not always easy to get. That's why many people see their claims denied the first time they apply. If that's what's happened to you, then you need to know how to appeal that decision.

Victim transported by LifeStar after 2-vehicle crash

Crashes can cause life-threatening injuries, some of which may result in victims having to be rushed to the hospital via helicopter. In the worst accidents, the use of helicopters is used to make sure victims get to specialized hospital units as fast as possible.

A crash in Brooklyn, Connecticut, resulted in one person being transported by LifeStar to a hospital after two vehicles collided.

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