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Get workers' compensation coverage after any work injury

Imagine that you're working at your desk. There are no significant hazards around you. You reach up and pick up a heavy box above you, and you suddenly feel a snap along your shoulder. You've been working in the same position for many hours, and combined with the strain of the weight of the box, you're now struggling with a painful injury.

Situations like yours aren't uncommon. It's actually relatively common for accidents to happen on the job with little that can be done to prevent them. Whether it's because of repetitive motions, picking up something too heavy or other causes, injuries can happen in an instant.

Can mediation or arbitration help with a conflict?

Divorces don't always go as smoothly as one might like. One minute, you may feel like you're on top of everything and that the divorce is going as planned, and the next minute, your spouse could be seeking something different from your marital property or be fighting for more custody than you're comfortable with.

When your divorce is complicated or complex, it's important to have someone who can work with you and help prevent issues moving forward. No one wants to have the stress and frustration of a long, drawn-out divorce, so learning more about alternatives to going to trial can be a good option.

Workers' compensation provides more than medical care

Enacted in 1913, Connecticut's Workers' Compensation Act has been in existence for over a century. While it has changed over the years, the reality is that the program has maintained its goal of providing medical cost coverage and lost wage compensation to those who are hurt as a result of workplace accidents.

Who decides how much benefits are worth to employees in Connecticut?

Is it normal to have your disability application rejected?

When you received a letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA), you felt a sense of relief. You thought that your long-term concerns over money would be over with since your disability application would be approved.

It's not hard to imagine the shock you received when you saw that the disability application was rejected. Now, you'll have to appeal if you want to try to obtain disability benefits, spending months or years longer fighting for what you should have already received.

Who is liable in a drunk driving accident?

Most drivers know that drunk driving is wrong, but unfortunately some people still do it. If their poor decision causes an accident, injured parties have the right to seek compensation.

However, the liable party for said compensation may go beyond the person behind the wheel. Connecticut has liquor liability laws that could impact who is financially responsible.

Dog bites: Avoid them during spring get-togethers

Dog bites are dangerous for a number of reasons, including that they are deep and have the potential to tear through skin, muscle and bone. If left untreated, they can become badly infected. On top of that, some dogs carry dangerous diseases that can infect humans.

This year, when you plan to get together with friends or family members who have pets, you may not think there's a high risk of injury. However, dogs aren't always predictable, especially in unusual or unfamiliar situations. Here are a few tips to stay safe when you're around new or unfamiliar pets.

Yes, you can avoid penalties with a QDRO

If you plan to take money out of a retirement plan with a QDRO, you should know that there is a 10 percent plan penalty. However, it's sometimes possible to withdraw money from the plan prior to retirement.

One of the times you can withdraw ahead of time is during divorce. The 10 percent penalty tax is imposed by the Internal Revenue Service but is waived when the money is withdrawn for an alternative payee, better known as the spouse who is not the employee who earned the retirement plan's funds, in the case of a divorce.

Understand your retirement benefit rights after divorce

As someone who has divorced but who spent over a decade married to your ex-spouse, you may be concerned about how you'll receive your retirement or other benefits in the future. The Social Security Administration (SSA) allows you to seek benefits based on your ex-spouse's record in several instances, so that you can still get the most out of your time together.

You may be able to seek a benefit that is equal to half of what your ex-spouse will receive from Social Security Disability (SSD) or retirement benefits if you decide to receive your benefits when you reach retirement.

Neglect: How can you recognize it in a nursing home?

Your loved one has aged, and as much as you wanted to avoid it, the time has come to place them into a nursing home. Doing so is safer for them and gives you the peace of mind that they're cared for.

The trouble is that you don't trust others to do their due diligence in caring for your loved one. You put your parent in the nursing home just a few weeks ago, and in that time, you noticed substantial changes in their behavior. They're lethargic. They've lost weight. The nursing home room doesn't smell good, and you think your loved one may not be making it to the restroom in time.

Workers' compensation after death: What your family should know

Workers' compensation is an important protection for workers. It guarantees that they are able to get the medical care they need and the compensation they deserve after getting hurt on the job.

Sometimes, people don't survive their workplace injuries, and that's where workers' compensation becomes even more important for their surviving family members. Death benefits pay for funeral expenses, weekly compensation and more.

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