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What are the emotional stages of divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2018 | Divorce

Every divorce results in some emotional changes in those involved. There are actually around five stages of emotions that people will go through.

The interesting thing about the emotional stages of divorce is that they are not always in order. Someone might start out angry at their spouse, for example, but later become depressed or deny that anything would have led to a divorce in the first place.

What can you and your spouse expect emotionally during a divorce?

Most divorces start out with two people who are at an impasse. As a way to get through the situation, one might file for divorce. Of course, this is hurtful, so it’s likely that at least one person will be angry or sad in response. It’s also likely that at least one person will be in denial.

Denial is often the first stage as people are left in disbelief that their marriage may really come to an end. After this, they may become angry, entering the second stage of the emotional divorce.

Some people don’t become angry. Instead, they beg and bargain. They may ask their spouse to stay or idolize the memories of their spouse and marriage.

Following this, some people enter into an emotional depression. They may be sad to end a relationship, even if it wasn’t good for them. Of course, this depression might be set aside with more anger or more bargaining when the person is trying to cope with divorce.

A final stage is acceptance, which most people do eventually reach. This is when people finally see the future for what it is and can move on.

Are you struggling to work through these emotional stages? It will happen, and you will be able to get through your divorce and move toward a more positive future.

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