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You can make a workers’ compensation claim if you’re hurt at work

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

No one plans to get hurt when they’re at work, especially when the job isn’t particularly dangerous. What you never expected was to be struck by another worker in your office as they backed up out of their space. As they hit you, you were knocked off balance and ended up hitting your head on a sharp edge.

It was just an unfortunate fall, but in the end, you had to struggle with the reality that you’d injured your eye and had a head injury to match. Your employer had to call 911 for you, and you were rushed away from the scene to get stitches and care for your eye.

Workers’ compensation covers accidents on the job

Even accidents like this, where no employer caused a dangerous situation, can still be used to file a workers’ compensation claim. Any time you’re injured on the job as a result of an accident, workers’ compensation can help you get the coverage you need to afford medical care, to receive lost wages and to replace other financial losses.

The reason why workers’ compensation exists is to make sure employees have coverage if they get hurt on the job. Additionally, workers’ compensation protects employers from liability. Since you will file for workers’ compensation, the employer will not be held directly liable for the injuries you’ve suffered.

If you want to file a workers’ compensation claim, you can reach out to your attorney to discuss what to include and what to do if your employer doesn’t think that your situation should qualify for a claim.

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