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Get help with Social Security Disability confusion

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2019 | Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability benefits are benefits paid out of the payroll deductions made through the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. FICA covers the expenses related to spousal and survivors’ benefits, retirement and other Social Security benefits. Some of FICA’s funds go into the Disability Insurance Trust, which is used to fund and pay for disability benefits.

Disability benefits are awarded based on your ability to pass the Social Security Administration’s qualifications to be approved. If you are denied when you file initially, you can appeal that denial at a later time.

How much Social Security Disability Insurance can you receive based on January 2019 information?

As of January 2019, you can receive up to $2,861 per month from Social Security Disability benefits. However, most beneficiaries receive a lot less — roughly half of that monthly amount.

Does the severity of your disability affect your benefit amount?

The severity of your disability or individual household income doesn’t play a role in the benefits other than to determine if you qualify for any of Social Security’s programs.

What should you do if you want to seek disability benefits?

To start with, keep good medical records about your condition. Your medical provider may have suggested going on disability benefits or told you that you cannot work; This is important information to provide in your application.

Remember, Social Security Disability benefits and the application process are complex issues, and many people who try to obtain benefits initially fail. Your attorney can talk to you about the application and what to expect if you plan to apply.

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