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4 ways an attorney can help after a serious accident and injury

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2019 | Car Accidents

A serious car accident can turn your life upside-down. One minute you’re a healthy, independent adult with a successful career. The next, an injury knocks you off your feet and leaves you unable to work or even function as normal.

In times like these, it may seem arduous and overwhelming to hold the reckless driver who caused you this pain accountable. You’ve got more pressing health, job and family concerns to attend to. Adding a lawsuit to the mix may feel like too much for you to handle.

You need to focus on your own healing. At the same time, you often need to fight for justice and compensation that pays for your expenses and keeps your future secure. Letting a personal injury attorney handle the legal aspects can be immensely helpful – both in your own recovery and in your case’s outcome. Here’s how:

  • Damages: A personal injury attorney can help you seek broader damages than you may realize are available. These may include compensation for medical bills, emotional pain and suffering, reduced quality of life, future wage loss, retraining and disability.
  • Negotiation: If your injury affected your cognition, you may not be in the best place to assess an insurance adjuster’s offer. It’s important to understand, however, that insurance adjusters work for insurance companies – not for accident victims. Their initial offer will usually be low to save the insurance company money, because they are for profit businesses. To even the playing field, you need a legal professional on your side – someone who knows the ins and outs of insurance law and can negotiate on your behalf.
  • Expenses: Many people falsely assume that they wouldn’t be able to afford to hire an attorney. Bear in mind that under Connecticut law, all personal injury attorneys are required to work on a contingency fee basis. This means that they don’t get paid unless they win your case. This payment is a percentage of your case’s settlement. 
  • Rest easy: With an experienced personal injury attorney fighting for your best interest, you don’t have to stress about any complications that may come up in your lawsuit. Knowing that your case is in good hands, you and your family can focus on your recovery and getting your life back to normal.

Going through a serious car accident is a life-altering experience. Allowing yourself the time to recuperate and create a new normal is key to healing. By letting an attorney handle your personal injury case for you, you give yourself the opportunity to invest in what matters most: you.

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