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Child-Centered Divorce Month: Protecting children during divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2019 | Divorce

Did you know that January is national Child-Centered Divorce Month? This month is dedicated to helping people find services and resources to help their children through divorce.

Part of the reason to have this month recognize children of divorce is because January sees such a large increase in divorce filings. The month’s national recognition attempts to alert parents to the significant effects that divorce can have on children. With the resources and support offered, parents can learn how to help prevent psychological and emotional trauma that could affect their children long after the divorce has ended.

The truth is that many children do get caught up in their parents’ divorces. The anger, frustration and sadness of their parents may spill over into their lives as well. Even though children are typically the most precious part of the divorce, parents may not always do what’s best for them and instead do what they think will make their lives easier moving forward.

What should you consider if you’re divorcing with children?

If you are divorcing and have children, remember that certain kinds of divorce are better than others for your child’s mental health. Collaborative divorces, for example, show that you and your spouse can still work together to resolve your differences and disputes, even if you don’t want to be together. It’s argued that this is the best approach for divorce if children are involved, but every case is different.

Your attorney will speak with you more about your divorce and the best methods for handling disputes as you move forward toward a resolution.

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