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What legal issues might come up in your divorce case?

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2021 | Divorce

When couples in Connecticut begin a divorce case, they likely do quite a bit of research on their own to determine what the possible outcomes might be in their own case. However, each case is unique, with different facts and different issues to address. So, what legal issues might come up in your divorce case?

For divorcing couples who have minor children, there are usually four primary issues: child custody and visitation; child support; alimony; and property and debt division. Obviously, couples who do not have minor children will not need to address support and custody issues. While these potential issues may seem like they focus on narrow, defined areas of a divorcing couple’s life, the reality is that any one of these issues can blow up into a dispute if the couple can’t work toward an amicable resolution.

For our readers who may be facing a divorce case soon, it can help to analyze which of these legal issues might be present in your case and if there might be any possibility of reaching an out-of-court agreement with your soon-to-be ex-spouse on the issues that will arise. Direct negotiations, or even participating in mediation or arbitration, can oftentimes help divorcing couples to address their legal issues with less time and money at risk.

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At our law firm, we understand that many people who are going through a divorce have more questions than answers. We do our best to help our clients get the information they need to make sound decisions. For more information, please visit the divorce overview section of our law firm’s website.


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