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Concerns mount over rise of fatal auto accidents in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Car Accidents

The roads in Connecticut are growing increasingly dangerous. This is showing itself in the number of fatal accidents that are happening across the state. The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) is assessing its most recent statistics to determine the causes and to find solutions. Given the challenges that can arise after any type of crash, those involved or impacted after the fact should be cognizant of their options and how to protect themselves.

Road deaths in 2021 up by 16% when compared to 2020

When compared to 2020, the latest numbers show that state road fatalities have increased by 16% in 2021. By the second week in November, there had been 290 road deaths. That is 33 more than there were for all of 2020 and 74 more than in 2019. Not only is this a problem in Connecticut, but throughout the United States. With holiday travel, this too should be considered when taking to the road. In general, there are more accidents and road deaths in the winter months. That is believed to be due to drivers who are flouting the law and simultaneously navigating wet and slippery roads because of the weather.

The current situation is exacerbating the danger. People are driving distracted, speeding, getting behind the wheel under the influence and committing other violations that are known to cause accidents. During the holidays, people may be attending parties, drinking alcohol, using recreational drugs or driving drowsy. They will often be in a rush. These factors can contribute to accidents. Even with the ongoing problems related public health, people are still expected to drive for the holidays. AAA reported that around 53 million people were expected to travel. Ninety percent are expected to drive to reach their destination. That is 8% higher than in 2020.

The long-term ramifications of an auto accident can be challenging

No one is expecting to be in a motor vehicle accident when they take to the road. This is true whether the person is a driver, a passenger, a motorcyclist, a bicyclist or a pedestrian. The aftermath of an auto crash can be emotionally, personally and financially taxing. If there were injuries, medical costs can be massive. Family members might need to care for a person whose injuries will limit their ability to care for themselves and contribute. For accidents with fatalities, the unexpected death of a loved one can leave the family reeling. Considering the alternatives is key and before taking a first offer from an insurance company, it is wise to analyze the case with help from experienced professionals. This can be useful when deciding on an effective strategy.


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