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Machine shops pose serious injury risks to workers

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation

Cutting and fabricating parts needed for various industries are two typical duties machine shop workers perform. The workers deal with many serious hazards. If injured, the results could be serious for those workers.

What dangers exist in machine shops?

Anyone working with tools risks suffering cuts and punctures, among other injuries. Dropping tools could cause harm, as does the improper use of tools and machines.

Larger machines inside the factory carry even greater risk, including crushing injuries that could cause serious fractures that takes months or years to fully heal. In more tragic situations, workers may suffer an amputation.

Workers’ compensation and your work-related injuries

Workers’ compensation benefits could help someone who cannot return to work until fully healed. Sometimes, a person may suffer a permanent disability because of a work-related incident, and a workers’ comp claim could provide additional financial support to the person who suffers the disabling injury.

In no-fault workers’ compensation states, there are no requirements to provide proof of negligence. Such as the trade-off a program offers employers by protecting them from lawsuits if someone gets hurt. That said, there are instances where it may be possible to sue a third party and also collect workers’ compensation benefits.

Machine shops can be dangerous. Workers need to be alert to the hazards.

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