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Avoid these 3 mistakes in child custody matters

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Divorce

Children need love and support from both parents when they’re going through tough times. One of these times is when their parents divorce. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard for parents to look past themselves during the divorce process.

One of the most important things for parents to do is to ensure their children have everything they need to thrive. This sometimes means putting themselves aside and making decisions for the good of their kids. As you’re working through the parenting plan terms, consider these points.

Setting unrealistic expectations

Unrealistic expectations can make life difficult for a child. Instead of trying to coddle children, be sure you set standards quickly after the separation. This means establishing the rules from the start so the kids don’t have to continually adjust to new situations.

Using the kids as pawns

Never try to use kids as pawns in a divorce. Everything related to your children should focus solely on them. Child custody matters are wholly separate from property division and other matters.

Communicating through the children

It’s very important that you and your ex communicate directly with each other. Trying to send messages through the children leaves room for miscommunication and other problems. Speaking directly to your ex can help to prevent a lot of problems.

Working out child custody arrangements as quickly as possible can help children have the stability they need as they grow. The divorce terms should meet their current needs, because the parenting plan can be modified as children mature. Working with an attorney who can help you come up with solutions to the issues at the heart of your unique divorce situation is highly beneficial.  


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