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Why children are a major driving distraction

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2023 | Car Accidents

The distractions caused by cellphones are well-known. But did you know that many people believe having children in the car can be even more distracting? It’s been found that children are one of the largest distractions for parents, and this is often a problem because parents don’t have any choice but to drive with their children in the car at certain times.

For instance, there are even those who have asked if a “baby on board” sign may be a warning to the other cars on the road that they need to keep their distance. It’s not just to keep that baby safe. It’s because the parent who is driving the car may actually be the most dangerous driver on a particular stretch of road.

What studies have found

Passengers can always be distracting. Studies have found that quiet passengers are naturally less distracting than those who are talking and making demands, jokes, comments, requests, etc. As such, it is possible for adult passengers to be safe and not contribute to an accident, but it may be impossible for children.

For one thing, they genuinely have a lot of needs. If they’re in car seats and they drop something on the ground, they physically can’t pick it up. Children also often ask for snacks and drinks in the car, or they want a form of entertainment if it’s a long drive. Additionally, parents are evolutionarily wired to pay attention to everything that their children say. It’s very hard to tune out the sound of a child crying or whining in the vehicle, even for a parent who knows that it is far safer to concentrate on driving.

What can you do?

Driving with children is a hazard that parents can’t broadly avoid, and it’s just something you’re going to have to contend with every time that you drive. There could be parents around you taking their children to school, to daycare, to a friend’s house, to extracurricular activities and much more. What if one of these parents gets distracted and causes an accident that injures you? If that occurs, it’s time to seek legal guidance.

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