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4 mistakes that jeopardize workers’ compensation claims

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits are vital when you are injured on the job, but securing them is not always a straightforward process. You must go through the claims process first, which involves a series of steps.

Mistakes along the way can be costly and may harm your chances of getting the much-needed benefits. Your claim may be denied or benefits delayed owing to these common yet avoidable mistakes.

1. Delayed reporting of injuries

There may be disputes surrounding your workplace accident if you fail to inform your employer as soon as your workplace accident occurs. You can avoid allegations that your accident is not work-related by informing your employer immediately after it happens. For work-related illnesses, notify your employer as soon as you are diagnosed to protect your claim.

2. Neglecting medical attention

Failing to seek immediate medical care post-injury not only risks your health but also weakens your claim. Remember, there must be a clear link between the work-related activity and the resulting injuries from the accident to bolster the validity of your case. Medical evidence can help establish this.

It is equally important to comply with the treatment plan prescribed by the healthcare provider. Ignoring medical advice, missing appointments or not adhering to the recommended treatment can hurt your workers’ compensation claim.

3. Incomplete documentation

There is a great deal of paperwork involved in the workers’ compensation claims process, and it helps to ensure accurate and thorough documentation. Insufficient or inconsistent records, missing medical reports or incomplete details about the incident can weaken your claim.

4. Social media missteps

A seemingly harmless post on social media can hurt your worker’s compensation claim. For example, your claim for benefits may run into trouble if you share content that contradicts the extent of your injuries or their impact on your daily life.

5. Going it alone

The workers’ compensation process is fraught with pitfalls, legal technicalities and other complexities that may be difficult to navigate alone. Seeking legal guidance can significantly increase the chances of a successful claim, protect your rights and avoid mistakes that may set you back.

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