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4 ways to stay safer while traveling during the winter holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2023 | Car Accidents

Where will your winter holiday travels be taking you and your family this year? Most Americans will be traveling by automobile to visit family and friends, which is the most dangerous form of travel, mile for mile.

But even Connecticut residents who don’t plan on venturing far from home will still likely need to head out on the roads for their holiday shopping and to attend seasonal events. The increased traffic and heightened stress that are unfortunate by-products of the season can contribute to enhanced highway dangers. 

Here’s what you can do

Below are four tips that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend for staying safer when driving during this year’s winter holidays.

  1. Make sure everyone wears safety belts. Before you start the engine, make sure everyone is belted in and that children are in the proper car and booster seats for their weight and height.
  2. Drive during daylight hours when possible. This is important whether you are driving cross country or even in town. Not only is it easier to see deadly road conditions like patches of black ice, but there typically are fewer intoxicated drivers on the highways during the daylight hours.
  3. Don’t drink and drive. This may seem simplistic, but many people who have only had one or two drinks incorrectly believe that they are safe to drive. Not only do they place themselves at risk for drunk driving arrests, they are also far more likely to get into a collision.
  4. Stay off your cellphone. Even hands-free phone options can cause accidents due to a driver’s distraction. When traveling, have another passenger make or answer any phone calls or pull over to a safe spot to use your mobile phone.

While all the above can help keep you and your loved ones safer this season, accidents happen every day of the year. If the worst occurs and you are involved in a collision, learning more about your options to recover damages from the at-fault driver can help you decide on how to proceed.

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