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Now is the time to plan summer parenting time schedules

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2024 | Divorce

Divorced parents usually have schedules to follow for their parenting time. Typically, a standard schedule is used for most of the year. There’s also likely to be a special schedule for holidays. Additionally, there may be a schedule for breaks from school. 

While summer still seems far away, now is the best time to get the plans for the summer together. Handling this now can give you and your children’s other parent a chance to iron out any issues that might arise.

Consider each parent’s work schedule 

If one parent has more time at home, they may be able to keep the children with them. If that’s not possible, now is the best time to find a babysitter or daycare if you’ll need one when the children are with you.

Factor in any extracurricular activities 

Children sometimes have activities during the summer months. This must be considered when you’re trying to determine a schedule for the summer. Children will need transportation to their activities, so that may play a role in when each parent has the children.

Think about vacations 

Summer vacations are another consideration for the parenting time schedule during the break from school. Vacation plans may take precedence over the regular schedule, but they’re still a factor to consider.

Ultimately, you have to do what’s best for your children. Having a summer schedule that enables them to build positive memories is essential. The summer schedule you and your ex agree to should be put in writing so there aren’t any questions about when each parent will have the children.  The family law attorneys at Suisman Shapiro can help put workable parenting time schedules in place.

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