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How social media may impact your divorce proceedings

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2024 | Divorce

Social media is convenient these days, especially for staying in touch with family, friends, and acquaintances, and keeping up to date with the lives of people you care about. Unfortunately for divorcing couples, their social media activity could impact their divorce proceedings. A Connecticut judge could make decisions based on information presented on social media platforms. Reducing your social media activities is sometimes a good idea if you are undergoing a divorce proceeding.

Social media may cause potential harm

Minimizing social media posts until the divorce is final might be a good idea. This is especially true for posts about your divorce or personal life. Refraining from posting anything derogatory about the other party is also important.

Anything you post on social media can be considered as evidence in divorce proceedings. A piece of evidence can be ambiguous and undermine the goal the other party is seeking. For instance, a photograph of someone taking a vacation may counter claims that a higher alimony amount is necessary to cover expenses. People might take the photo entirely out of context. Additionally, it may not indicate anyone’s financial situation.

Similarly, some actions may also create a false impression. One party might lose their temper and post an angry message or a volatile statement on social media. The other party may also misinterpret frequent interactions with the opposite sex. They may put malice in what might be an innocent comment or reaction on your part.

Using social media safely during your divorce

If you must post anything on social media while you are going through a divorce, you should post positive images of things you enjoy or positive affirmations. You may also want to change your privacy settings to the highest levels and request friends not to tag you in their photos or posts.

Divorce is a challenging time, and social media might be a convenient, temporary escape from the pressure of the proceedings. Limiting your social media use can help prevent adding friction to an already tumultuous situation.

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