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Fire team to appeal workers' compensation over rabies scare

One thing people need to know is if there are instances when workers' compensation won't cover an injury. For example, if you have shoulder injuries from your job, they're likely to be covered. However, if your medical provider warns you about conditions you could develop, those likely won't be covered. They're called prospective injuries, and there is no coverage for them.

We fight for your workers' compensation benefits

For people who work hard, their paycheck is a lifeline that provides them with the things they need to live. Without this, they are likely facing a tough road that will be filled without many of life's necessities. Sadly, this is exactly what might happen to some workers who are injured at work. We understand that you just want to go to work and make an honest living. When you have an accident in the process, you expect that you will be taken care of.

Crushing injuries can kill hardworking employees

Many workers face the possibility of being crushed by equipment and other items in the workplace. Preventing these crushing hazards must be a priority for companies with employees working under these conditions. Unlike a struck-by hazard, a crushing hazard catches the worker between two objects. One or both must be moving in a way that it crushes or suffocates the employee, usually in the abdomen or on the rib cage.

Cumulative trauma injuries can greatly alter your life

Going into work should be a safe activity for you. There isn't any reason why workers should have to worry about hazards harming them in the workplace. When there are dangers caused by the work duties, the employers should have proper safety protocol in place to help reduce the risk of workers being injured. Unfortunately, there are still far too many incidents that occur in the workplace that harm workers.

Workers' compensation claims must be handled correctly

An injury at work can start a chain reaction of events that impacts your entire life. Accidents can mean that you need urgent and ongoing medical care. They can also lead to you having to take time off of work. In these cases, you might need to seek workers' compensation benefits to help you with the expenses.

Sanitation employees and workplace safety

Sanitation workers in Connecticut are susceptible to injuries while they are collecting trash and performing other duties. The Solid Waste Association of North America reports that there were seven sanitation worker fatalities in just the first 10 days of 2018. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released data that reveals recyclable and refuse material collectors had the fifth highest fatal work injury rate in 2016 among civilian occupations. Furthermore, they had a fatality risk that was over 10 times higher than that of workers in all other industries.

E-commerce boom highlights warehouse safety issues

Connecticut residents may have read media accounts about the harsh conditions at many e-commerce fulfillment centers. In many cases, warehouse workers are put under extreme pressure to gather items that have been ordered and ship them out quickly. Media reports have alarmed workplace safety advocates because many warehouse workers have been killed or injured in job-related accidents. However, there are steps that fulfillment center and warehouse employers can take to mitigate these risks.

Construction fatalities on the rise

Construction sites can be dangerous places for far too many Connecticut workers. The combination of exposed building sites, heavy machinery and, at times, poor safety practices can lead to severe and ongoing workplace injuries caused by on-the-job accidents. In addition, there has been an upward trend in serious incidents at construction jobs; between 2011 to 2015, fatalities rose by 26 percent at these work sites. Some types of accidents rose particularly quickly -- for example, injuries for workers caught in or between objects shot up by 33 percent during that time.

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