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Attorney Raymond L. Baribeault Jr. Appointed to The Connecticut Bar Examining Committee


Raymond L Baribeault Jr

Attorney Raymond L. Baribeault Jr. has been appointed to The Connecticut Bar Examining Committee (CBEC) as a member.

The CBEC is established by court rule to provide for the examination of candidates for admission to the bar, the determination of educational qualifications, good moral character and fitness to practice law, and the recommendation of qualified candidates for admission. There are twenty-four (24) members, all of which are attorneys residing in Connecticut and at least one of which must be a judge of the Superior Court. Appointments are for three (3) year terms, and there is no limit on the number of terms that a member may serve.

The CBEC discharges its principal responsibilities by administering a written bar examination, overseeing admission on motion (without examination) and certification of authorized house counsel.

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