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Legal Assistants Christine Snitkin and Tammy West Choreograph and Perform in U.S. Premiere Musical, “Once Upon A Time In Atlantic City,” at The Spirit of Broadway Theater

Tammy West

Suisman Shapiro Legal Assistant Tammy West (pictured right) plays many roles, sings and dances in the world premiere musical, “Once Upon A Time in Atlantic City,” at The Spirit of Broadway Theater in Norwich, Connecticut

There is no shortage of talent at Suisman Shapiro! Staff members are involved in the U.S. Premiere of “Once Upon A Time in Atlantic City,” a musical production running at The Spirit of Broadway Theater in Norwich, Connecticut through November 21. Legal Assistant Christine Snitkin choreographed the entire show, and Tammy West performs in many scenes and musical numbers.

Christine says, “My major in college was musical theatre and I had owned my own dance studio. Teaching at a dance studio and choreographing for a show are so very different…especially with the time constraints. It was a huge undertaking seeing as we only had two weeks to put the show up, I didn’t have many actual dancers to work with and I was responsible for 4 production numbers. I have never had so much fun putting dances together and the cast and crew were wonderful to work with. Even though we were all facing long days and long rehearsals, I have never been more proud…I truly have enjoyed every minute and all of the stress and hard work have been well worth it. This is an absolutely beautiful show and it has been getting rave reviews from all audiences.”

Click here for full story by Sharma Howard published in The Norwich Bulletin on November 1.

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