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Suisman Shapiro Sponsors The Jewish Federation of Eastern Connecticut’s Film Festival featuring “Nuremberg: Its Lesson For Today”

Former Suisman Shapiro attorneys, Senator Chris Dodd, son of Nuremberg prosecutor Thomas Dodd, and Judge Thomas Bishop were guest speakers on Opening Night of The Jewish Federation of Eastern Connecticut’s Film Festival. The kick-off event was held on Sunday, March 4, 2012 at the Olin Science Center at Connecticut College.

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“Nuremberg: Its Lesson For Today” was made for the U.S. Department of War in 1948. This historic film about the first Nuremberg trial was widely shown in Germany but suppressed in the U.S. for more than 60 years.

“The film depicts the most famous courtroom drama in modern times, and the first to make extensive use of film as evidence. It was also the first trial to be extensively documented, aurally and visually. All of the proceedings, which lasted for nearly 11 months, were recorded. And though the trial was filmed while it was happening, strict limits were placed on the Army Signal Corps cameramen by the Office of Criminal Counsel. In the end, they were permitted to film only about 25 hours over the entire course of the trial. This was to prove a great impediment for writer/director Stuart Schulberg, and his editor Joseph Zigman, when they were engaged to make the official film about the trial, in 1946, shortly after its conclusion.”

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