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Suisman Shapiro Wins Summary Judgment for Small Business


Attorney Kyle Zrenda won summary judgment in favor of the firm’s client, a small business that was sued by a disgruntled former independent contractor. Summary judgment is quite rare, and is only granted when the judge decides that one party is entitled to judgment as a matter of law and that a trial is not necessary.

Summary judgment not only means that the client received a fantastic result, but that they reached that result without having to incur the considerable cost of a trial.

Before Suisman Shapiro took over the case, the client was in default, meaning it had no right to defend itself against the plaintiff’s allegations. Not only was our team able to remove the default, but was able to convince the judge there was no question our client should win.

Attorney Zrenda commented that “our client was really behind the eight ball when we took this case over, but we were able to utilize creative arguments to efficiently bring about a great outcome.”

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