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Attorney John A. Collins, III Obtains $10 Million Settlement for Client


Attorney John A. Collins, III has successfully obtained verdicts or public settlements on behalf of clients ranging from a $10 million settlement for a young girl badly burned in a school fire, a 2008 verdict of $379,000 (including interest and costs) for a 22 year old woman injured in an automobile collision, a recent $225,000 settlement for an individual wrongfully deprived of 401k funds and a $1 million judgment for a victim of sexual abuse.

Attorney Collins has tried and/or settled numerous claims for personal injuries over a 28 year law practice to assist injured victims. Ethical rules prohibit disclosure of confidential settlements and Attorney Collins strongly believes that the individual client’s confidentiality is vital to a strong attorney-client relationship. Accordingly, the following public results offer a glimpse of the wide variety of personal injury matters accepted by Mr. Collins:

  • Crespo v. Wood, KNL-CV-07-5003413S Verdict, interest & Costs: $379,290, (2008) —rear end automobile collision;
  • Martic v. Tunstall, CV 05 4001869S, Verdict: $129,070, (2005) —civil assault;
  • Hayes v. Johnson, CV-01-0560480S, Verdict: $259,173, (2003) —auto accident involving drunk driver defendant;
  • Shelby v. Munro Muffler, CV-97-0543736S, Verdict: $475,000, (2000) —injury involving defective garage automobile lift;
  • Dumont v. UBC, CV-97-0542600S, Verdict of $300,000 reduced by comparative negligence to $150,000 (2000) —injury from defective roof trusses;
  • Parsons v. Town of Salem, (2000) — injuries from defective highway;
  • John Doe1 v. David Zaharie, CV-99-0552498S, Judgment: $1 million (1999) —injuries from sexual abuse of a minor;
  • Mattos v. Morris, CV-970544744S, Verdict: $71,657 (1999) —soft tissue automobile accident injuries;
  • Russ v. Allstate Insurance, CV-96-0539136, CV-95-0536638, Verdict: $203,498 (1997) —soft tissue injuries from 2 separate minor motor vehicle accidents.

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