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Attorneys Collins and O’Leary Team Up To Win Court Directed Verdict


Attorneys Jack Collins and Erin O’Leary obtained a directed verdict on behalf of a defendant client on January 20, 2011. A directed verdict is granted at the specific direction of a trial judge that one of the parties has not proven his or her case, and has failed to present credible testimony on some key element of the claim. It is extremely rare for such verdicts to be granted.

In this case, a hospital was suing a patient for a substantial bill for services rendered. The patient/client believed the bill was excessive and that he did not receive quality care. Collins and O’Leary successfully used multiple and creative objections in court to prevent the opposing counsel from introducing documents crucial to the claim of the plaintiff hospital. Knowledge of evidentiary trial procedures, especially as they related to computer generated documents, resulted in the court (Leuba, J.) taking the unusual step of granting Attorney Collins’ oral Motion for Directed Verdict at the conclusion of the plaintiff’s case and dismissing the claim.

Attorney Collins noted that “pre-trial preparation was the clear key to victory for our client”. He praised O’Leary, observing that an “outstanding legal brief prepared and argued by Erin aided in providing assistance to the court as to the necessary requirements to introduce computer documents into evidence”. Hard work, preparation and skill resulted in a significant victory for a very appreciative client.

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