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Visual Aids Prove Highly Effective at Trial

A middle-aged person with peripheral neuropathy known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy was in a motor vehicle collision. The preexisting condition was of twenty year standing, but had been controlled with minimal amounts of pain medication.

After the collision, however, the victim started to experience inscrutable pain in the arms, legs and feet. Eventually the person needed surgery to implant a spinal cord stimulator with leads to the neck and leg, which was difficult to control at first, but eventually led to some permanent relief.

In order to prove and show the effect of the motor vehicle collision, we obtained details of every prescription obtained from the drug store for several years before the collision and up to the present time. We then prepared a color-coded chart illustrating the pain medications used before the accident, compared to the five types of pain medications and increased dosages needed after the accident. We also produced a very powerful “day in the life” video showing how difficult the victim’s life has become after the accident.

It was clear that the chart and video were effective visual aids for this trial; the case settled for over $500,000.

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