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Why are fatal accidents getting more common in the United States?

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2024 | Car Accidents

In most of the developed world, the death rate from car accidents is going down. This has also been true in the United States, at least over the last 90 years or so. Between 1920 and 2010, for instance, the death rate from car accidents dropped consistently every decade. 

But, in recent years, the death rate for Americans has been ticking back up. Fatal accidents are becoming more common, not less. Technology is just getting better, and increased safety is being seen around the world – but not in America. Why is this?

People drive everywhere

For one thing, the U.S. infrastructure is designed around the car. Many people drive everywhere – to work, to the store, to take children to school. In other countries, people often walk for these daily tasks, but Americans typically drive. This just increases their exposure to risk.

Drivers use their phones

Another potential issue is that drivers use their smartphones more in the United States than they do in other countries – at least in the car. Some have even suggested that American drivers are addicted to their phones, and this could be why they cause distracted driving accidents.

Less focus on safe designs

Finally, there’s some evidence that the United States is less focused on safe road designs. For instance, in Europe, governments have worked to create safer sidewalk designs, preventing pedestrian accidents. Many parts of the United States do not even have sidewalks and pedestrians have to walk on the shoulder.

These are just a few potential reasons, but it’s clear that the roads are very risky. If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one, make sure you know what legal steps to take.


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