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Liquor Liability

In a drunk driving injury case, the intoxicated driver may not be the only liable party. Under Connecticut’s liquor liability laws, establishments that serve alcohol may also be liable for injuries caused by drunk drivers. These establishments may include bars, restaurants, night clubs and liquor stores.

If you were the victim of an accident caused by an intoxicated person, it is important to explore all potential sources of compensation. At Suisman Shapiro, we are well-versed in Connecticut liquor liability laws and will aggressively work to identify all liable parties, including bar owners and owners of private residences.

Dram Shop Liability

Dram shop liability is the area of law that governs liability by commercial establishments in drunk driving cases. Generally, dram shop liability applies when a bar or other establishment serves alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person and that person goes on to cause a drunk driving accident.

Damages in dram shop liability cases are capped at $250,000, unless the drunk driver was a minor, in which case the damage caps do not apply. There are strict deadlines in dram shop liability cases, so it is important to discuss your case with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Social Host Liability

Under social host liability laws, owners of private residences can also be held liable for drunk driving accident injuries. The damage caps that apply in dram shop liability cases do not apply in cases involving social host liability. The potential liability is greater when a social host serves alcohol to a minor.

Liquor liability laws serve to make Connecticut’s roads safer for everyone. Suisman Shapiro shares this concern and pursues damages from all liable parties in drunk driving accident cases.

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