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Attorney John A. Collins III honored by Connecticut Law Tribune with Lifetime Achievement Award


Jack Collins has been honored by the Connecticut Law Tribune with a Lifetime Achievement Award. As Managing Partner for more than 20 years, Jack was primarily responsible for the evolution of Suisman Shapiro from a small legal practice to the largest law firm in eastern Connecticut. He has mentored many young lawyers to become leaders in their fields.

Below are some comments from his co-workers:

 “I have known Jack for more than fifteen years as an adversary, colleague and friend.  He is an excellent trial attorney who has obtained great results for his clients.  However, it is his professionalism that sets him apart.  When inquiry is made about Jack, one can expect an immediate response that Jack is honest, straightforward, and trustworthy” – Attorney Theodore Heiser, Director

 Jack is the bridge between the past, present and future of Suisman Shapiro.  A strong and caring advocate for his clients, Jack has also served as managing partner for about 20 years, taking us from the days of our founders and training a new generation of firm leaders.  As managing partner, he has used skills he honed as an attorney – problem-solving, mediation, pragmatism – coupled with an overarching spirit of kindness, to ensure that day in and day out, our attorneys are in the position to provide the best service possible for our clients. 

 Jack is the most knowledgeable and ethical lawyer I have ever met.  Over the course of my career, I have asked Jack thousands of questions and do not recall ever leaving without an answer.  When I am faced with an ethical dilemma, I can hear Jack in my head saying, “do the right thing.”  I am privileged and fortunate to have learned so much from Jack and to have him as a mentor.

To view Jack’s award announcement, go to 38:30 on the virtual broadcast: .

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