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Helping Clients After Injuries Due To Medication Errors

Prescription medications have become very important to us as a society, and they are available and prescribed in abundance. More than 10,000 are accessible to clinicians, and a third of U.S. adults take at least five different medications. While these are mostly intended to help, patients sometimes experience adverse drug events (ADE), which simply means they have suffered harm as a result of medication exposure.

If you or your loved one has been injured or has experienced a wrongful death due to errors made with their medications, it is important to get to the bottom of why those errors occurred, and hold those responsible who have made life-altering mistakes.

At the New London office of Suisman Shapiro, we use decades of experience when handling medical malpractice cases and are dedicated to helping our clients find the answers they need. From the wrong dosage to the wrong prescription, we can help in all types of medication error and pharmaceutical mistake cases.

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Medication Errors In The Hospital

Once a patient is in the hospital, medication errors are one of the major things that medical staff needs to prevent. Dispensing the wrong medication, failing to administer the right medication, or mismanaging the proper dosage of a medication may result in adverse effects ranging from minor discomfort to death.

Risk Of Fatal Injury

While medication errors are a big concern if any injury or adverse effect occurs, fatal errors are ones to watch for most specifically, a study conducted by the FDA between 1993-1998 revealed that giving the wrong dosage was the cause of 41% of the errors, and using the wrong route to administer medications happened 16% of the time. Nearly half of those fatally injured were over 60.

Responsibility For Medication Errors

A variety of medical professionals can potentially make medication errors. In the pharmacy, the pharmacist may dispense the wrong kind of medication or the wrong dose. A doctor may prescribe the wrong medication, or dosage. Nurses make mistakes dispensing medications, even when the doctor has prescribed the right dosage.

Regardless of who is responsible, a medication error can result in higher overall medical bills, pain and discomfort, a reduced quality of life, or even death. It is important when these errors happen that it is not passed off as “one of those things.” For many, hiring a medical malpractice attorney has made a big difference in helping them hold the appropriate people accountable and receive compensation for injuries that were sustained.

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