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Protecting The Rights Of Patients Injured By Surgical Errors

There are many medical mistakes that can be made, and one of them is surgical error. These can create an injury, exacerbate existing illnesses or injuries, or even cause death. While honest mistakes do happen in medicine, sometimes surgeons are also careless or negligent. After a surgical error has occurred, you may need to contact an attorney to help you determine if there is a case to be pursued.

If you or a loved one has been harmed, or a loved one has died, because of a surgical error, turn to our lawyers at Suisman Shapiro. From our office in New London, our highly experienced legal team uses decades of experience when handling medical negligence and other personal injury cases. We are dedicated to listening to your case with compassion, and helping you determine the best course of action to get the compensation you deserve.

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Types Of Surgical Errors

There are several kinds of surgery mistakes that can be made, all of which can lead to significant problems for the patient, including:

  • Wrong body parts and wrong site surgery: In some cases, surgeons have operated on the wrong body part or the wrong site, and have even performed the wrong surgery on the patient. That can lead to the loss of function in a limb that was otherwise healthy, or the loss of an organ that did not need to be removed. Additionally, there can be complications that are lifelong, and that would never have occurred if the right surgery had been performed on the right body part.
  • Surgical negligence: Surgery is a very precise practice, and care should be taken at all times. Losing focus or not paying attention is unacceptable. Negligence and carelessness during surgery can lead to infection and bleeding, and those issues can cause death. If proper care was not taken during a loved one’s surgery or during your own surgery, you may have a case for compensation due to the negligence of the surgeon or other members of the medical team.
  • Surgeons who leave things behind: There have been many cases of surgeons leaving sponges and even surgical instruments inside of patients. These can cause infection, pain, and even death if a sharp object is left behind and happens to cut or puncture an artery or a vital organ. People have died from having surgical items left inside of them, and for those who are uncomfortable and find that their surgeon has left something behind through a scan or X-ray, a second surgery to remove the item is necessary.

Get The Help You Need After A Surgical Mistake

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