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4 injured, 1 killed in sudden crash on Interstate 95

| Oct 12, 2019 | Personal Injury

Car crashes often involve a number of victims. Sometimes, those victims are all in a single vehicle, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t pursue compensation if they get hurt. Even if you’re related to the driver, there could be a chance of pursuing compensation through their insurance carrier, so that you can have your injuries tended to without worrying about the cost.

In this case, one person was killed while four others were hurt in a single-vehicle collision in Darien, Connecticut. The crash happened on Interstate 95 between exits 9 and 10.

At the time of the collision, the driver, a 19-year-old, suddenly veered to the right. That sudden movement led to the vehicle hitting a tree. The crash, which happened at approximately 6:30 a.m., left one person dead, 19, and four others hurt, including the driver.

Situations like this are tragic. It’s not yet known why this crash took place, but the reality is that they can happen almost anywhere and at any time. Things like distractions, medical emergencies and mechanical failures can all lead to sudden shifts in driving behaviors and serious crashes.

If you lose a loved one in a collision or suffer an injury as a result of someone’s negligent driving behaviors, then you should seek compensation through the appropriate channels. Your injuries are not your fault, and there is no reason that you should have to pay for them. With the right help, you can pursue a claim. Your attorney can help you put together a case for compensation to help you move forward.