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Eastern Connecticut Divorce Attorneys

Divorce forces you to make important decisions about your future, your finances and, most importantly, your children. How can you be sure you are making the decisions that are right for you and your loved ones?

At Suisman Shapiro, our eastern Connecticut divorce lawyers provide clients with the experienced legal guidance they need to make informed decisions about their divorce matters. If you face divorce in Connecticut and are seeking a proven law firm to represent your interests, we are here for you.

Navigating Divorce In Connecticut

If you are getting divorced in Connecticut, it is important to consult with an attorney who can guide you through all aspects of the divorce process, including issues involving child custody, child support, spousal support and property division.

Attorneys Michael A. Blanchard, Jilian Miller and Jeffrey W. Hill are prepared to guide you through this complex legal terrain. We will work with you personally to gain an understanding of your situation and craft a legal strategy that is uniquely suited to your needs and goals.

Versatile Divorce Practice

Suisman Shapiro is equipped to meet the divorce law needs of a diverse range of clients. Whether your divorce is high conflict or low conflict, involves children or not, or involves complex or relatively simple property division, our legal team is prepared to provide you with the skilled representation you need.

When divorce disputes arise, our attorneys are prepared to resolve them through negotiation, mediation or traditional litigation. While we strive to resolve divorce disputes in an amicable manner out of court, we are always prepared to protect our clients’ interests in court.

The Dangers Of Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Today, couples have many options for getting divorced, including online do-it-yourself divorce services. It is important to exercise caution before enlisting the services of any company that promises “quick divorce” or “cheap divorce” services.

Even a relatively simple divorce is a complex legal process with extensive paperwork that must be done right to the letter. A misstep or oversight could derail your divorce and wind up costing you more than if you had hired an experienced divorce attorney in the first place.

Contact Our Connecticut Divorce Lawyers

If you are seeking experienced legal guidance for a divorce in Connecticut, Suisman Shapiro is here for you. Contact us today online or by telephone to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced eastern Connecticut divorce lawyer. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards.

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